The Book - Mia Arbatova - "A Queen without a Palace"

Mia Arbatova - A Queen wthout a Palace

The Mia Arbatova Ballet Association is happy and proud of the publication of the Album-Book "A Queen without a Palace", written and edited by Rina Sharett.

"A Queen without a Palace", is an important book that focuses on Mia Arbatova's life, work and contribution to Israeli Dance, as a dancer, teacher, educator and creator. Mia won the title of Pioneer of Israeli Classical Ballet, thanks to her struggles to create a place for Classical Ballet in the World of Israeli Dance.

Her unique character shines in the background of the New Hebrew cultural growth in the days before the creation of the State of Israel, during the establishment of the State of Israel and for many decades after.

It is possible to purchase the book by contacting us via the website.

Written and Edited by Rina Sharett

Rina Sharett - teacher, choreographer and dance researcher. Director of the Israeli Ethnic Dance Project (1988-1991). Artistic director of Inbal Theater Dance Company (1991-1993).

Her Choreographic works include: "Bring Forth my Fortune"; "Nimrod and the Coat"; "Tel Aviv Legend"; "Ovot"; "A window to the world of Dance" a series of dance programs for the young.
Author of: "Kummah E'kha the Story of Rivka Shturman, Pioneer of Israeli Folk Dance" (1988); "Our dance Together Ze'ev Havatselt's Reflections on Israeli Dance" (2003); "A Queen Without a Palace" Mia Arbatova, Pioneer of Classical Ballet in Israel(2005).

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